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UP Size Your Passwords

Passwords are considered keys to your kingdom. It is so important that is why you need to protect it, otherwise, people will have access to your accounts like bank account, emails, or even company resources.

We know the importance of passwords that is why teaching everyone on how to create a strong password is our Human Firewall Tip # 1 as shown below.

On top of the tips below, please be reminded of the following:

  • Do not use a password found in the dictionary because there are tools that can be used to guess your password
  • Do not use the same password across all your accounts otherwise one compromised account means access to all your accounts
  • Do not share your passwords as much as possible
  • Use another layer of protection on top of your password by adding two-factor authentication. This means when someone is trying to access your account, the person must get a code that will be sent to you via app, SMS or call to access the account
  • Use a password manager to register all your passwords. This way you do not need to write your passwords that can potentially be visible to other people
  • Be mindful when you are answering recovery question when you are setting up your account. The rule of thumb is never use recovery questions that are answerable by basic or common information that can be found on your social media accounts because it will be easy to guess.

Hope these tips can help you to Up Size your passwords.

Check out CERT NZ’s Guide to Good Passwords and how to keep them safe with a Password Manager

Human Firewall Tip # 1: Use a strong password



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