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Human Firewall Tip # 8: Women and Social Engineering

[2-minute read] The Human Firewall Tip is about women and social engineering. This is about sharing awareness on common social engineering tactics used for a successful take over of your account, system or even your data. This is a perfect time to share this awareness as we celebrate International Women's Day today.

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Human Firewall Tip # 5: Free Password Managers

[1-minute read] We have provided #humanfirewalltips related to strong passwords, password generator and password managers. Now we have listed down the Top 3 (not in particular order) Free Password Managers that anyone can download right now.

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Human Firewall Tip # 4: Cyber Smart Answers to Recovery Questions

[4-minute read] When you request to reset your password (because you forgot or did not use a password manager), most online accounts will ask you to answer basic questions to proceed with the password reset and to recover your account. Recovery questions are used to confirm that the attempt to change anything (like password) came from the account owner.

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