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About Us



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Human Firewall is a Cyber Security Lifestyle Store that focuses on making people cyber aware through its quality products and services. Our tagline is "Cyber Security is a Lifestyle" - we thought of a brand that can be part of everyone's lifestyle by putting together custom-designed products like t-shirts, pillows, mugs and more. 

We have also created Human Firewall Tips to share cyber security tips to become cyber smart. Our aim is to Build Human Firewall on every products sold or blog posted.

 Human Firewall means making people Cyber Smart in order to protect themselves and their loved ones against cyber attacks (e.g. cyber bullies, phishing, virus, etc.) around them.

Our Purpose

Make Cyber Security part of People’s lifestyle

Our Vision

To build a brand that will break the barriers of traditional Cyber Security Awareness through quality products and services that are accessible for everyone. 

Our Customer Value Proposition

Quality call-to-action products that create a "ripple-effect" on becoming cyber aware.

Our Experience

We have been in the Cyber Security field for over 15 years now. Leading Cyber Security Awareness is always a challenge that is why we kept on thinking creative ways to ensure the message is sent to people so they can learn and apply to protect themselves online.

Follow us as we build the Human Firewall together.