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Human Firewall Tip # 9: Types of Phishing

[3-minute read] One of the social engineering techniques that we have discussed in Human Firewall Tip # 7 is Phishing. Imagine, an attacker or a "phisher-man" sends thousands of emails across. Once the phishing email is successfully sent out, it is a matter of waiting game until someone fell into the "trap" which is either malicious link was clicked or downloaded a malware-infected attachment. As a simple analogy, this is one (phisher-man) to many (potential victims with email addresses).

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Human Firewall Tip # 8: Women and Social Engineering

[2-minute read] The Human Firewall Tip is about women and social engineering. This is about sharing awareness on common social engineering tactics used for a successful take over of your account, system or even your data. This is a perfect time to share this awareness as we celebrate International Women's Day today.

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Human Firewall Tip # 5: Free Password Managers

[1-minute read] We have provided #humanfirewalltips related to strong passwords, password generator and password managers. Now we have listed down the Top 3 (not in particular order) Free Password Managers that anyone can download right now.

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