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Human Firewall Tip # 20: Zoom bombing Prevention

[4-minute read] One of the most popular cyber attacks that involves Zoom is Zoom bombing. This was coined based from photo bombing or video bombing. But this version of "bombing" is different. Hackers or "guests" gain access to a Zoom meeting and attempt to disrupt the on-going video conference participants by shouting profanity or racial slurs, or putting disturbing or offensive images in their video feed.

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Human Firewall Tip # 19 - ZOOM Cyber Security Challenges

[4-minute read] According to Inc website, Zoom Became the most important app in the business world overnight because of 5 very good features. Not only in the corporate world but also in schools and even personal purposes. This is due to the on-going lockdown because of the Coronavirus or Covid-19 pandemic. People need fast and reliable way to connect to their officemates, students, families and friends. Because of its "overnight" success, cyber criminals can't help but notice. Cyber criminals are always taking advantage of the "hype" to trick, scam or victimise people.

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Human Firewall Tip # 18: Be SMART on the Internet

[4-minute read] We are in a very different situation right now due to the on-going Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. Most of the people are required to work from home or do home schooling. CNBC has shared an article related to expected internet traffic surge which means more and more people will be using the internet to work, connect to their loved ones or even watch Netflix.

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Human Firewall Tip # 17: Work "Securely" From Home

[4-minute read] The coronavirus pandemic situation has forced majority of us from working from home (WFH). This is to ensure we implement social distancing to "flatten the curve" to keep hospitals and doctors’ offices from becoming overwhelmed with sick patients. This version of #humanfirewalltipoftheday is all about how to work "securely" from home to ensure you are still protected from cyber attacks. If you are following the Human Firewall Tips, most of the information that we have shared are tackled or highlighted on our previous #humanfirewalltips . We may be repeating ourselves already but we need to do this so that you will be able to understand or apply these tips and hopefully make it part of your lifestyle. 

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