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Celebrating 3 years of making Cyber Security as part of everyone's lifestyle!

3-year anniversary of Human Firewall store & blog, Feb 2023! Excited to share next chapter of brand w/ all our supporters. A glimpse of what is coming this year. 1. We have partnered with NordVPN and NordPass to give our supporters discounted rates and access to one of the best security products. This is is just the beginning - watch out for new partners soon. (Q1 2023) 2. Free cyber security videos (Q2-Q3 2023) on Youtube. Aim to educate users about basics of cyber security. Easy for beginners to understand. Advanced topics covered too. 3. Website refresh (Q4 2023) for clearer products & services. More tips & blogs (ongoing). For now, enjoy 30% discount (min. 30$ spend) all month as...

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