Human Firewall | Tip # 1: Use a strong password

Human Firewall Tip # 1: Use a strong password

Password is like your key to lock your house, cabinet or a safe. You are doing this to ensure your personal documents or anything has value is protected against cyber security attacks. This analogy can be related to your online accounts like emails, social media or even your bank accounts that contains private and personal information, photos or bank account balance. If your password is too weak, even inexperienced hackers will be able to get your password because there are free downloadable tools that can crack your password.

As a Human Firewall, strong password is very important. Watch out for the next tip. We are going to talk about another layer of protection to your password.

Looking for more detail? Check out The Cyber Assist's blog on How to Make Strong Password to learn more. 

 Human Firewall Tip number 1 Use a strong password

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