Human Firewall | Tip # 6: Free Two-Factor Authentication Applications

Human Firewall Tip # 6: Free Two-Factor Authentication Applications

From our Human Firewall Tip # 2 we shared the benefits of two-factor authentication (2FA) and what are the free options that you can use to start with your 2FA journey.

To recap, when you login to your account, it asks for your username/email and your password (something you know). When you enabled two-factor or two-step verification, the site will ask you for a code from a mobile or you need to connect a physical device (something you have). This extra step can lower the probability of account compromise because of the need of another step which is to have access to your physical device.

We recently set a poll on our Instagram page related to 2FA asking “Are you using 2FA on your Instagram account?” Although we received positive result from our followers who have seen and participated (79% answered "Yes" which means they are using 2FA), this writeup is for the 21% of people who are not yet using or enabled 2FA on their online accounts. We are positive that we can influence them to have a #humanfirewall mindset to protect themselves from potential account takeover.

Enabling 2FA may be a pain in the bum because you need another set of password to login. Although this is true to some, there are websites like Facebook and Instagram that do not need the second factor if you are using the same device. The only time that the site will ask for a code is when there is a potential suspicious login activity is detected i.e. someone from a different country or unusual location tried to access your account. This is the main reason why enabling 2FA is the best way forward.

The free 2FA applications were selected based from ease of use, security and recommendation from security experts. Feel free to use any of them. For first timers, we recommend to use Google Authenticator to have a feel on how 2FA works and shift to either Authy or Microsoft Authenticator once you are already comfortable.

Being a Human Firewall is always one step ahead of potential threats. This is by ensuring appropriate security controls are implemented.Like, share or tag someone who can benefit to this #humanfirewalltipoftheday.

Human Firewall Tip # 6 Free 2FA Applications


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