Human Firewall | Tip # 3: Use a password manager

Human Firewall Tip # 3: Use a password manager

Password manager is a "hack" on its own that not all people are aware of. There are a lot of benefits which makes it something for your to consider. By using password managers:

☑️ You do not need to memorise all your passwords from different accounts
☑️ You do not need to write your account and password insecurely and hide it under your keyboard or stick it on your monitor
☑️ You do not have the hassle to create strong password because most (if not all) password managers have a built in strong password generator
☑️ You only need to create ONE very strong password (see #humanfirewalltipoftheday # 1) or passphrase to access your password "vault"
☑️ You have the opportunity to access your passwords from anywhere depending on what type of password manager you got
☑️ Another best thing is, there are FREE versions

As a Human Firewall, password manager is very important. This will help you not only remember all your accounts and password but also keep them secured.

Human Firewall Tip number 3 Use a password manager


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