Human Firewall Tip # 19 - ZOOM Cyber Security Challenges

Human Firewall Tip # 19 - ZOOM Cyber Security Challenges

According to Inc website, Zoom Became the most important app in the business world overnight because of 5 very good features. This is true not only in the corporate world but also in schools and even personal purposes. This is due to the on-going lockdown because of the Coronavirus or Covid-19 pandemic. People need fast and reliable way to connect to their officemates, students, families and friends. Because of its "overnight" success, cyber criminals can't help but notice. Cyber criminals are always taking advantage of the "hype" to trick, scam or victimise people.

Zoom has faced several cyber security challenges to date. For this version of the Human Firewall Tip of the Day, we are going to tackle three of the most popular.

  • Zoom bombing is on the top of our list. This was coined based from photo bombing or video bombing. But this version of "bombing" is different. Hackers or "guests" gain access to a Zoom meeting and attempt to disrupt the on-going video conference participants by shouting profanity or racial slurs, or putting disturbing or offensive images in their video feed
  • Zoom-themed phishing is another one. It is not a surprise that cyber criminals will use the most popular video conferencing of the year to launch their social engineering attacks! There are a number of created phishing domains to trick people from giving away personal details or even giving away money. Old trick but in different form. Review our Human Firewall Tip # 10 to know what are the Social Engineering Indicators
  • End-to-end encryption encryption means that the only communicating parties can read or see the message being sent. The hosting provider cannot see the message because they do not have the "key" to open the message. Unfortunately, Zoom does not have this feature. Why do you need to worry? Zoom will has the capability to snoop into your conversation. 

These are just some of the challenges. The intention of this post is to provide awareness to its users to know what are the potential threats and weaknesses of this application. As Human Firewall, we need to know this in order to protect ourselves against potential compromise. 

If you find this useful, share this to your friends and family. Spread the word as we build more Human Firewall together. 

Human Firewall Tip # 19 Zoom Cyber Security Challenges

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