Human Firewall Tip # 17: Work "Securely" From Home

Human Firewall Tip # 17: Work "Securely" From Home

The coronavirus pandemic situation has forced majority of us from working from home (WFH). This is to ensure we implement social distancing to "flatten the curve" to keep hospitals and doctors’ offices from becoming overwhelmed with sick patients.

This version of #humanfirewalltipoftheday is all about how to work "securely" from home to ensure you are still protected from cyber attacks. If you are following the Human Firewall Tips, most of the information that we have shared are tackled or highlighted on our previous #humanfirewalltips . We may be repeating ourselves already but we need to do this so that you will be able to understand or apply these tips and hopefully make it part of your lifestyle. 

In Human Firewall Tip # 9, we have share what is phishing, vishing and smishing. Since most of the people are online right now due to the "lockdown", there is an obvious spike of these types of cyber attacks to exploit people's fear, uncertain and doubt (FUD). This is the main reason why we need to use our common sense and apply what you have learned from our Human Firewall Tips.

Another important factor to secure your WFH environment is the internet connection. Start with the basics like

  • Change the default name of your home wireless router
  • Hide your Service Set Identifier (SSID) to the general public to avoid becoming targeted. Hiding a network doesn't secure your Wi-Fi network, because the SSID can still be discovered in other ways
  • Do not use the default username and password of your wireless router. Usually, the credentials together with the model are published on the internet which means anyone within range can access your connection. Follow our Human Firewall Tip # 1 on how to have a strong password
  • Enable the security settings of your wifi router. WPA3 is currently the strongest form of security offered by wifi device. If WPA3 is still not available, you can use WPA2
  • Be mindful of the security or patch update of your wifi router. Basic security hygiene is to update is as soon as it available. These updates are there to improve the performance and make your device more secure
  • For people who have been given a company device, always ensure to use it when connecting to your corporate resources. Connect to your VPN and do not circumvent any of the security controls on your device like anti virus or firewall

These are some of the basic Human Firewall Tips to work securely from home. Be familiar and share your comments on other Human Firewall tips so we can add them up.

Stay secure and safe. 

Human Firewall Tip # 17 Work Security From Home

Disclaimer: Following the Human Firewall tips are at your own discretion. Any actions you may take upon the information on this page is strictly at your own risk.

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