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Human Firewall Tip # 22: Houseparty Cyber Safety

[3-minute read] Houseparty (part of Epic Games) is a social networking service that enables group video chatting through mobile and desktop apps. We have summarised what are the important features that you need to consider to ensure privacy, security and safety online.

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Human Firewall Tip # 21: TikTok Cyber Safety

[3-minute read] TikTok is one of the most popular social app right now. As a security professional, we need to be open to new technologies and learn ways on how to make it safe and secure not only to yourself but also to people around you. This is the mindset of a #humanfirewall.

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Human Firewall Tip # 20: Zoom bombing Prevention

[4-minute read] One of the most popular cyber attacks that involves Zoom is Zoom bombing. This was coined based from photo bombing or video bombing. But this version of "bombing" is different. Hackers or "guests" gain access to a Zoom meeting and attempt to disrupt the on-going video conference participants by shouting profanity or racial slurs, or putting disturbing or offensive images in their video feed.

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