Human Firewall | Tip # 7: Social Engineering Techniques

Human Firewall Tip # 7: Social Engineering Techniques

Social engineering is the art of deception. This is "hacking the people's mind" to perform or do something like share confidential data, download a malware-infected assessment or worst is to send money to the attacker.

Being a Human Firewall is always one step ahead of potential threats like social engineering attacks. Awareness of this type of attack is important to know how to prevent this from happening.

We have shared top social engineering techniques on our post. Probably this is common already but surprisingly this is still one of the top threats so far. According to IBM X-Force Incident Response and Intelligence Services (IRIS), "In 2018 and 2019, attackers used phishing as an entry point for one-third of all attacks" they tracked. This has been two years ago already however cyber security experts are still considering social engineering-related attacks will still be one of the top threats this year.

On our next Human Firewall Tip, we will share what are the most logical way on how to at least track if you are being targeted by this type of attack.

Human Firewall Tip # 7 Social engineering Techniques

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