Human Firewall Tip # 23: Safari Browser Security and Privacy

Human Firewall Tip # 23: Safari Browser Security and Privacy

ūüíĽ¬†For¬†Mac users, this is for you. Basic¬†Human Firewall Tip of the day¬†that can help you out to maintain security and privacy while using the¬†Safari browser.

We have created this with reference on the CIS benchmark as the leading source for secure configuration and added more for everyone to take and try.

  • Disable 'Open "safe" files after downloading'. Click Safari > Preferences > General. Safari considered pdf, photos or movies a "safe" file. If this is ticked, Safari will automatically open these files after downloading. This may open files that have embedded malware into it.
  • Enable 'Warn when visiting a fraudulent website'. Click Safari > Preferences > Security. Ensure this is ticked so that Safari will notify you for known malicious website that are either a phishing site or attempts to install malware on your computer.¬†
  • Enable 'Show full website address'. Click Safari > Preferences > Advanced. Enabling this will help you to have visibility of the full URL path. This will make you better informed of the website that you are at. This is good to compare the URL with the link you have clicked from an email or social media.
  • Ensure 'hide Status Bar' is displayed. Click Safari > View. If you have seen "Hide Status Bar", this means mousing over a link will show you the full URL. This can prevent from clicking potential malicious link.
  • Use popup blocker. There are several free and paid popup blocker options under Safari > Safari Extensions. 1Blocker for Safari has the highest review rate out of its competitors. Using popup blocker may prevent your pc from malware infections
  • Use private browsing. You have two options. Either you use the built-in private browsing of Safari or install DuckDuckGo extension by going clicking Safari > Safari Extensions. Private browsing is important to take control of your personal information and to block hidden third party trackers

BONUS: You can find a downloadable PDF version of the Human Firewall Tip # 23 on our LinkedIn page below

Disclaimer: Following the Human Firewall tips are at your own discretion. Any actions you may take upon the information on this page is strictly at your own risk.

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