Human Firewall Tip # 22: Houseparty Cyber Safety

Human Firewall Tip # 22: Houseparty Cyber Safety

Houseparty (part of Epic Games is a social networking service that enables group video chatting through mobile and desktop apps. We have summarised what are the important features that you need to consider to ensure privacy, security and safety online.

  • Control your interactions with others. Click the "lock" icon at the bottom of your screen or select "Private Mode" to ensure the session is locked by default. You can also create private groups between friends and to avoid strangers from joining your video chatroom.
  • Turn off location services. Houseparty room is considered "open" to people who are using the service. Turn off the location-based “Near Me” option to avoid interacting with a stranger.
  • Skip import personal contacts.Take control of who you want to add or interact with on the app. You have the opportunity to invite your contacts or connections via SMS or other communications app recommended by Houseparty.
  • Beware of unacceptable behaviour. Video chats will be unmoderated that means cyber bullying, trolls, stalkers or even obscene behaviour may happen. Leave the room, report and tell your parents in case something wrong is happening. 
  • Become a Cyberparent. If you have teens using this app already, take the time to explain what are the common types of threats by using this app and what can they do to prevent this. Also take advantage of the safety and security features by guiding them through.
  • Report. One of Houseparty's guidelines is "If you see something, say something". Use the app's reporting tool if you think you have seen an inappropriate behaviour. This will make the platform safe for you, your children and the community. Enjoy!
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      Human Firewall Tip # 22: Houseparty Cyber Safety
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