Human Firewall | Tip # 12: Cyberbullying

Human Firewall Tip # 12: Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is basically bullying that takes place over digital devices like cellphones, computers or tablets. Hurtful message or harassment can be sent through social media, SMS or TXT message, phone call, emails, forums or even online gaming. 

According to DitchtheLabel, Instagram is the top social media site where young people are getting cyberbullied and harassed online. Online bullying activities can range from sending screenshots/pictures of someone to laugh at them, trolling others in a game, mocks others through sharing or liking a page or sending abusive messages to someone.

In an article from Pew Research Centre, "Similar shares of boys and girls have been harassed online – but girls are more likely to be the targets of online rumor-spreading or nonconsensual explicit messages". The ironic part, girls are more likely to become a victim or even a perpetrator

At an early age, young people may have a hard time coping up with cyber bullies that is why it is crucial to practice cyber parenting. We need to ensure we monitor our kids and teenagers online. We need to be aware of potential signs that our children are likely experiencing this type of online attack. This way, we can prevent worst case event like anxiety, depression and even suicidal thoughts or actions.

If you, your family or friends experienced cyber bullying, you cannot stay quiet. You need to seek help immediately either reporting the situation to the police, school or even social media platform or blocking the cyberbullies account right away. Do not engage further. 

As a Human Firewall, we have a role to play. We need to spread awareness against cyberbullying as much as we can. It is challenging but we need to start from somewhere.

Now, over to you.

Human Firewall Tip # 12 Cyberbullying

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