Human Firewall | Tip # 11: Social Engineering Prevention

Human Firewall Tip # 11: Social Engineering Prevention

To end the Social Engineering #humanfirewalltips series, we are sharing ways on how to prevent this type of attack from being successful. In our opinion, the following tips are important in order to be ahead of this "cat-and-mouse" chase.

According to the CEO Magazine, "Prevention is better than the cure for cybersecurity because the costs of a successful attack can be astronomical, even if it is mitigated quickly." Although this article is targeting the corporate world, this is also relatable in our personal lives. Imagine you are a victim of a phishing wherein the phisherman was able to access your bank account. This situation is just one shy away of using your account for purchase or transfer money to an off-shore bank account. Another thing is if you have downloaded a malware from a pop-up that promises to fix your computer. What if that malware has the capability to encrypt or destroy all of your save data? It will definite cost you a lot right? This is why we need to Beware of Social Engineering Indicators (SEI) and Be Aware of how we will be able to prevent a potential attack from happening. As a Human Firewall, we also need to Share what we know to ensure the people around us will be able to "spot-the-not" and protect themselves.

We are not expecting that you will be able to apply what you have learned from this series but the fact that you were able to read this blog post will give you an advantage already.

We will continue to build human firewall one blog post and product at a time. Watch this space to learn more to become cyber aware.

Human Firewall Tip # 11 Social Engineering Prevention

Disclaimer: Following the Human Firewall tips are at your own discretion. Any actions you may take upon the information on this page is strictly at your own risk.

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