Human Firewall | Tip # 14: Coronavirus and Cyber Security Attacks

Human Firewall Tip # 14: Coronavirus and Cyber Security Attacks

We have started this "Coronavirus and Cyber Security" series to reiterate why cyber security awareness is important than ever. This is to give people an idea of basic terminologies, cyber attacks created that take advantage of people's fear and curiosity and an understanding of how to prevent or protect yourself. 

According to a security firm, there has been a number of ways used by cyber criminals to scam or "phish" people to either send money, share personal information or even download malware. As an example, World Health Organization (W.H.O) is one of the organisations that are being impersonated to deliver malware, steal personal information or capture login information. W.H.O is aware and shared an advisory stating that "Criminals are disguising themselves as WHO to steal money or sensitive information. If you are contacted by a person or organization that appears to be from WHO, verify their authenticity before responding.

Johns Hopkins University's corona virus interactive map is one of the most trusted resource when you want to learn about confirmed cases of coronavirus per country, region or sovereignty. Because of its popularity, cyber criminals are using this map to create malicious website to infect curious visitors with password-stealing malware. Not to mention, there is also a number of domains created related to coronavirus that could infect users with malware

Ransomware or Ransom Malware is a form of malicious software that prevents users to access their data or system until the victim pays a ransom (which is usually paid in bitcoin). One of the latest ransomware variant is the "COVID19 Tracker" that is infecting Android mobile users. Victims are asked to pay US$100 in bitcoin in the next 48 hours or else their data will be erased. The best thing, DomainTools have published an in-depth analysis of this ransomware variant for all the #humafirewall geeks out there. Happy reading!

The coronavirus attacks mentioned above are not new if you are going to think about it. These are the same tactics that cybercriminals are using to take advantage of people's curiosity and ignorance. As Human Firewall, we need to be aware of common cyber attacks and potential opportunities that these can be unleashed.  As always, beware and be aware. 

Human Firewall Tip # 14 Coronavirus and cyber security attacks

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